Yeah, I don't know what to tell you, other than to say that I find this comment weirdly disappointing. If you look through the comments, a lot of women are speaking up saying that they've experienced similar things -- being shamed boob-wise for either being too big or too small, because as the piece points out, people don't think twice about commenting on this particular body part. If I didn't have the photo up, the piece wouldn't have made sense.

And as for wearing a suit that makes you think that I'm showing them off, if you know of a swimsuit that covers up 36H boobs on a person who is 5'1" that doesn't make me look like a penguin, I'm open. I've spent years trying to find suits that fit: Speedo, Andie Swim, Adore Me, Miracle Suits, you name it. The ones that cover/suppress the boobs make it virtually impossible to do water sports (paddling, swimming, boogie boarding). And the ones that give you freedom of movement, well, look like this.



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