Which part is exaggerated, exactly? The banks not honoring the POAs, or the issue with dementia care in California?

I can tell from *your* post that you've never actually managed the financial affairs of anyone else -- if you had, you'd be familiar with the issue -- the same way the other 95 people who commented on this post are. If you are going to troll me, then get your facts straight.

As for whether I should "take care" of my parents, I assume you mean quit my job and then do the physical work of carrying my father to the shower, bathroom, and helping him change. Do you truly think that is in the best interest of my dad? Or is he better served by professional caregivers who are trained to do these things for him?

As for whether I'm "nice" or whatever adjective you us above -- don't care. Women have been shamed for not being "nice" for a long time, and one thing this experience has taught me is that "nice" gets you nowhere. Being a bitch has served me much better.

Again: if you plan on trolling me or anyone else here, be sure to actually seem like you know what you're talking about.



Federal attorney, writing thought crimes on Medium. To connect: Adeline.Dimond@gmail.com

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