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I think the fact that there are only 6,000 (unfinished!) units years after the passage of HHH says everything you need to know about the mayor’s commitment to this issue. Or perhaps it’s a competence issue, I don’t know. My friends and I have spent hours speculating about what the hold up might be. Is it the Byzantine building regulations and the fact that Los Angeles Building and Safety is woefully understaffed? Is it corruption? Is it the fact that when various communities were confronted with the idea of supportive housing in their backyard, they became screaming NIMBYS?

There doesn’t seem to be an answer to this, which is why I don’t think people are ready to accept the message that the problem will require even more funding, federal or otherwise. To be clear, I am absolutely supportive of funding for all types of housing — but given the complete disaster of HHH it’s going to be difficult to get buy in.



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