Oysters Are Delicious and Other Lies We Blindly Accept

Lies make the world go ‘round, but some are unnecessary.

Adeline Dimond
7 min readDec 12, 2021
Photo by Edrece Stansberry on Unsplash

I often wonder if we are all just faking it. No, I take that back. I know we are all faking it. When I used to go into the office depressed, I faked not being in a dark spiral by acting “professional,” — whatever that means. For me it meant lipstick, heels, and trying my best not to cry out of frustration. I usually hit two out of three.

I’m all for lies like this; I’m all for lying to each other so we can throw off the covers and climb out of bed every morning. I’m a cheerleader for so many collective lies, I’ve lost count. I love the lie that we have a shot at finding our soulmate in middle age, or the lie that if we eat right and exercise we can stave off an early death (ask the people who just got taken out by tornadoes about this).

I’m all for the lie that women love giving blow jobs; the lie that side-hustles can truly change your life; the lie that motherhood is the most important job in the world; the lie that there is such thing as a “water landing;” the lie that there are people in charge who know what they’re doing. These are the lies that make it all work, that ensure the continuation of the human race; hats off to the people who set them in motion and keep them going. If I didn’t believe and…