Oh, when I go off about self-help bullshit, I'm not talking about your stuff. From what I've read of your work, you provide concrete ways to improve your life, actual steps, like engaging in minimalism for instance. No, I'm talking about -- and I KNOW you know the people I'm talking about -- the folks who say shit like you can cure your own mental illness ("crush it" I think was a certain writer's term for it) or folks who move to a foreign country and decide that they've learned every life lesson there is to learn from that one decision. I feel bad you might have thought I meant you?

And yes, I think once we identify what our "unattainable shit" might be, we're all the better for it, in a way? (That is something I could totally see you writing about?).

As for the comments people make about how you choose to dress or wear your hair-- I wonder if it ever occurs to them that you don't care what they think? I find that such an amazing part of all that type of commentary. It's as if they think these beauty standards are 1) a newsflash to you and 2) that you'd want to be subject to them at all. Personally, I'll take the three year old who saw me the other day and pointedly asked "why do you wear so much makeup?" Good question, kid.

Anyway, I haven't commenting a lot on other folks work these days -- which is bad -- but trust me when I tell you it definitely was not you I was talking about. I was just reading something by you about getting rid of stuff and I actually started to put a bunch of stuff in an old Ikea bag because of that very piece!



Federal attorney, writing thought crimes on Medium. To connect: Adeline.Dimond@gmail.com

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