Oh Don’t Mind Me, I’m Just Over Here Getting Radicalized

Celebrating war crimes puts an end to the conversation.

Adeline Dimond
3 min readOct 15, 2023


Judith, by Benjamin-Constant, ca 1886 | Metropolitan Museum Open Access Program

Believe all women, unless those women are Israeli. In that case, the photos of them bleeding between their legs as they’re dragged away by Hamas terrorists (sorry, “militants”) is not sufficient evidence.

All cops are bad, but arming men who slaughter grandmas is okay because grandma is an occupier. Israeli babies are also occupiers.

Silence is violence, unless it’s about Hamas terrorists slaughtering parents and kidnapping children. In that case, let’s see if we have all the facts before commenting. Also, please note that not all those dead babies were beheaded. Some were burned alive. Details matter.

Accountability is important, even for high school kids who made offensive Tik Tok videos two years ago, even though they apologized. However, students at an Ivy League school still deserve to get six-figure jobs upon graduation, even if they co-signed a statement celebrating the terrorist attack and putting the blame on Israel. Not being considered for a six figure job is so unfair.

If you are not affirmatively anti-racist, you are a racist. But how dare you think my chanting along “from the river to the sea,” means I support terrorism or Hamas?

Capitalism is bad, but slaughtering people on a kibbutz is okay.

Don’t tell people how to process their pain or violence, or undermine their “lived experience.” But Israel better not have a disproportionate response to the slaughter of civilians (whoops, I mean occupiers).

In fact, I insist (via Tik Tok) that Israel refrain from indiscriminate bombings. Hamas’ bombs are also indiscriminate, but that’s okay, because in Israel no one is a civilian and in Gaza no one is a combatant.

We cannot allow this speaker or this musician on campus because it makes me feel unsafe. But a pro-Palestinian march that terrifies Jewish students is okay. Freedom of speech is important.

I will continue to do land acknowledgements before my yoga class, because I do downward dog on stolen land. But please remember that Israelis are not civilians because they are…