It's this type of caricature of the other side that is getting us in trouble. This is the whole point of these two stories. (Maybe you didn't read the first one?).

Perhaps some MAGA folks don't care what happens to the LGBTQ community -- I would submit that some Biden supporters don't either. But more importantly, this MAGA guy does not happen to think that members of the LGBTQ community don't deserve basic human or civil rights. Like I wrote in my first story about him, he's not a mouth-breathing knuckle-dragger.

And of course I care about keeping others protected from COVID. So does he. It's why both he and I wear masks in public, as well as indoors with others. As I mentioned in another comment on here, there has been so much confusion in the press about whether the vaccinated can still spread the virus -- there was even a NYT piece that made this claim. True or not, it was enough for him to determine that the vaccine would not change the risk for others if he did/did not get get the vaccine. (In the meantime, at the time of this writing I have five friends -- all vaccinated -- who got breakthrough infections.)

I, on the other hand, am vaccinated. And I wear masks, as noted above. So the idea that I don't care if I "kill" someone is so preposterous it's almost hard to be insulted. Again, it's this type of hyperbole that has gotten us in trouble.

And as for reconsidering where I you actually mean to not interact with people who think differently than I do? Because yeah, I'm not re-considering that.



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