Adeline Dimond
1 min readJun 4, 2021


I'm sorry, but what are you talking about? Let me clear up a few things, because you are clearly confused.

First, I write on Medium under a pen name. You can read my story "Living in the Non-Virtual 'Meat World' of Real Life" that was published a year ago if you want to know why. I would link it here, but can't seem to in the responses.

Second, I have no idea what re-poster you are referring to. I published this story on Medium on May 22, 2021. If another outlet has republished it, or re-posted it, that is news to me. (There is another outlet that will be publishing it on Sunday, but I know about that one).

Third, yes, that is me and yes, I posted it to my Instagram account. My Instagram account is under my real name and is now set to private so that this piece wouldn't threaten my anonymity. See point one above about writing under a pen name.

Fourth, my dog's name is Rainbow Trout. Trout for short. DNA test pending, but he seems to be a mix of cattle dog/dobie/pitty/shepherd.

Fifth, thanks for the unsolicited advice that I should "consider what images" of myself I am posting. This whole piece is about my considering that, which is why I left Instagram (for now). In other words, after this experience, I considered it. I didn't consider it BEFORE this experience, because as I note in the piece, to me it was just a fun day on the water.

Hope this clears things up for you.