Hillary is (Kinda) Fat Now and I am Here For It

No one deserves to give zero fucks more than Hillary.

Adeline Dimond
8 min readOct 21, 2021
Hillary Clinton and Louise Penny, with whom she wrote the recent “State of Terror”/ Instagram — Hillary Clinton

Let’s get this out of the way: I don’t really think the above image shows a fat person. I’m not in the business of body-shaming, and I’m not down with women feeling like they have to go to great lengths — or any lengths — to not be fat, whatever “fat” means these days. But I do think it shows a woman who has decided she has no more fucks to give. Evidence: she is wearing a dress over leggings, the leitmotif of saying fuck it. (You can’t see that here, but go to her Instagram and swipe through, you’ll see). And no one deserves that kind of emancipation more than Hillary.

Let’s get another thing out of the way: I am a rabid Hillary fan, and always will be. Do not tell me that she is some capitalist pig because she took a speaking fee from Goldman Sachs; I happen to believe in capitalism and why shouldn’t the woman make tons of money? Do not tell me she is some sort of Marxist because she wanted all of us to have healthcare. That’s not even Marxism. Do not tell me that she didn’t divorce her husband simply because she is driven by pathological ambition, and not because she loved him. Pathological ambition is a perfectly fine reason to not divorce your husband.