Guys, You Gotta Stop Yelling

Calm down.

Adeline Dimond
6 min readNov 19, 2021


Listen, I love men. Huge fan. I don’t even believe the patriarchy exists anymore, and if it did it would be sitting in a La-Z-Boy recliner covered in Icy Hot. Women who continually traffic in their so-called victimhood at the hands of men mostly annoy me. Did I mention I love men?

But something’s up with guys. They’re yelling a lot these days for no discernible reason. If women were yelling with the same frequency and intensity, we’d be called unhinged, hysterical, overly emotional. People would start saying stupid stuff again, like we’re too emotional to be President because we’d start a nuclear war if it were the wrong time of the month.

After all, people already whip out their cell phones and video us every time we raise our voice, post the footage on social media, declare they found another Karen, and then sit back and watch the comments pour in. Karen hunting is a national past time now. But I submit there are a lot more men in the wild losing their shit.

Yesterday I tried to drop my car off at my long-time mechanic for routine maintenance. I turned left into the driveway from a busy street, probably more quickly than I should have. As I pulled in, I realized a van was pulling out. This situation was obviously my fault, but the van kept backing out and was about to hit me, so I honked my horn.

There was something about this honk that made the van driver lose his mind. He got out and started yelling. And yelling. I couldn’t hear most of it, but what I did discern was something along the lines of “you fucking bitch,” and “why were you mean to me?” It’s this last part that I’m still pondering; “you fucking bitch” is obviously old-school, but since when is a honk considered “mean?”

I explained that I was backing out so he could leave, which I thought was a sufficient mea culpa and would stop the yelling. Spoiler alert: nope. The yelling continued. My mechanic came out and told me to pull into a slot where my car could be seen. But this was a miscalculation: while this guy was yelling, no one considered what was going on in my own head, which was, Fuck this shit, I’m leaving.

“Fuck it, I’m leaving” is an evolution for me, because I too am filled with rage and I like to yell with the rest of them. In fact…



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