• Anjali Joshi

    Anjali Joshi

    Lazy English major and part-time book hoarder. I live with the guilt of not having read all the books in my bookshelf. Always pick tea over coffee.

  • Adasir Yaakob

    Adasir Yaakob

  • Traci


    I must find a way to stop reading Medium articles all day. I don’t know how I landed here but wow do I have other things I should be doing! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

  • Jennifer Van Orman

    Jennifer Van Orman

    Artist, writer, alchemist. Found at http://theanatomyofmelancholy.com, http://scopeandhorror.com, and http://yourbitcoinbmi.com

  • Stefano Della Pietra

    Stefano Della Pietra

    Actor, Comic, Writer, Data Analyst. I love everything to do with stories and storytelling.

  • Jamilla Washington

    Jamilla Washington

  • Kyle Gibson

    Kyle Gibson

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