Conspiracy theories give a lot of credit to the people who you think are behind them. Trump has proven himself to be chaotic, undisciplined and sloppy - whether you believe in his policies or not, this is true about him. He's tried stunts to derail Biden -- including Tara Reade, if you're paranoid -- and nothing is well-done. So no, Kanye is likely not a product of the Trump campaign but if he is, he's not a threat. Because the Trump campaign is in chaos, and is not capable of a coordinated plan like you lay out.

The problem with your piece is that it's irresponsible: there are PLENTY of things that the Democrats have to worry about, most importantly voter suppression. Articles like this create an unnecessary distraction and are result in people not focusing on what they should.

If you want to write about Kanye's candidacy, that's of course fine. But be factually accurate. While he may be on the ballot in Oklahoma, he won't be in North Carolina. In fact, there are a number of states where he won't and he is therefore not an actual threat because he didn't register in time.

Ross Perot had an effect on an election. So did Jill Stein. But these people were actually on the ballot.



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