Can a MAGA Man and a Hillary Fan Have a Sexy Weekend in Vegas?

I’m about to find out.

Adeline Dimond
7 min readAug 18, 2021


Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Next month I’m going to Vegas to have a sexy few days with a Trump supporter. Not one of those reluctant Trump supporters, who stays quiet about it a dinner parties and just wants lower taxes and less regulation. No, this man would happily be seen at a rally. He probably has a MAGA hat, but I haven’t asked. I do know that he has four guns. I, on the other hand, worked on the Clinton campaign in 1996, and stood on a street corner crying when Hillary lost in 2016.

A trip like this was not on my bingo card for 2020-2021, but neither was a deadly global pandemic, being diagnosed with a wacky neurological condition, my dog dying, trying to date a guy in a cult or taking a bath with a man who didn’t know my last name. I can feel my liberal friends — both virtual and in real life —snapping to attention, ready to tell me that this trip is not allowed. Trust me, I know. It’s currently illegal to talk to people on the other side of the new Great Divide, which is going to cleave America in two at some point. (Unless you’re debasing the other side on social media, then it’s legal to talk to them). It is definitely illegal to make out with someone from the other side of the Great Divide in a hotel pool, after a few drinks, floating with your legs wrapped around their waist. Capital offense.

The unholy, illegal dalliance between me and the MAGA guy is the result of some very funny and thoughtful emails he sent me after reading my work on this very site. Initially I wrote back because Medium is on a “everything is relational” kick (it’s a good kick, don’t get me wrong) and I’m a fundamentally a good girl who follows rules. I learned pretty quickly that MAGA guy and I were on separate sides of the Great Divide, so I didn’t think we’d continue to communicate — because them’s the rules. But then he sent more thoughtful emails, which were also very smart emails. This was inconvenient because it got in the way of seeing Trump supporters as somehow less intelligent or analytical. Knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers are not supposed to be able to send very kind and funny emails about your extreme introversion.

In addition to feeling like my world view was being shaken like a snow globe, the thoughtful, funny emails made me feel…