Ask an Actual Human Woman™: A New Column

It seems that some of you are confused. I have answers.

Image by Damon Loble

Alice, as an AHW™ can you explain to this confused man why a large chest might be difficult to deal with even if men are attracted to large boobs?

Alice Kim: First, I think we need to take a step back and acknowledge that no one wants to have the real conversation about big boobs in the first place. I recently got off the phone with a PR firm who didn’t know what to do with my company, because they couldn’t categorize my customers: they aren’t plus-sized, but they don’t fit into regular sizing either, because for some reason clothes just aren’t made (until now) with large breasts in mind. It’s like large-chested women don’t exist, unless we are being hyper-sexualized or body-shamed. My mission is to change the conversation about big boobs, and I felt your story was a great and honest contribution to that conversation.



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