As a Gen-Xer, who has been watching the millennial experience from afar, I could not be more interested in this story. How has employment become …this? Or more specifically, how are employers telling millenials to stay chained to their desk day after day? Do they say it outright, or do they just give so much work that there really is no other choice, especially for an industry that thrives on getting the story out first?

It might seem like a distinction without a difference, but I think it’s important — the GenXers are the last generation to have experienced an analog world, and unless something catastrophic happens ala “The Walking Dead” or “The Handmaid’s Tale” — well, we really will be the last. Meanwhile, millenials are raised in a world where your employer can leave you a voicemail, text, or email even if you’re on vacation, and you’re expected to answer immediately. GenX is subject to this too, of course, but they have a little more training in being able to separate personal and professional time.

Very curious about how we got here, and how we can get out. Power lunches are actually great and I hope my millenial friends can experience them one day.

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